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Missiles in Israel

I don’t know hoe many of you really know the feeling of living under constant threat, not knowing what tomorrow brings.
The people of Israel – currently southern Israel are experiencing these feeling everyday.
For some days now the people living in Beer Sheva, Sderot, Ashdod, Ashquelon Dimona and many other cities in southern Israel are under constant missile threat for nearly a decade.

Before it was the northern side of Israel that was suffering from missile attacks from the Hezbollah.
Although Israel has the ability to respond harshly (like any country would do), we choose not to react with even 1% of our capabilities.

The funny thing is that the Palestinians are always talking about who got injured claiming they were “innocent” civilians (which is 99% of the time is a complete lie) they are firing missiles on Israeli cities to try and murder as many civilians as they can. They are not firing upon military bases or soldiers, they deliberately try and hit civilians, mainly Israeli children and families.

Not once they aimed at the Beer Sheva hospital to try and hit the wounded and cripple and in doing so they exposed their true nature – savages.

Judging by what happens at Syria right now, and the way the Syrian government is butchering it’s own citizens gives us a good idea about what some Arabs are capable of, the syrian president Bashar El Assad is not an Islamic extremist, yet, he ordered his army to shoot into neighborhoods , torture and burn people in hospitals and many more atrocities.

The main question remains, should we, as civilized people treat such savages according to the rules we live by or by the rules they live by?
Israel has the ability to cut the electricity, water, communication and other critical services to the Gaza strip but it doesn’t do that because of it’s humanitarian properties, although such actions are more then likely to change the way the Palestinians act today.

It’s a question of morality, our enemies use our moral and democracy against us, because we care how we behave, because we believe people should be treated as individuals our enemies use that against us.

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