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“HERE IS ISRAEL – Boycott Israel by Ari Lesser” ב-YouTube


Quesaria sunset

Brazillian music in the backgroud, amazing sunset, magical beach and a good beer!!!
Let the images tell you the story…





Passover is over

Well, Passover is behind us now, and after the week long vacation, Israelis are going back to the everyday routine. Many people here in Israel were completely indifferent to news and events due to the long holiday and the fact that the whole country was celebrating the Seder and its following passover holiday.

It is rather incredible that a whole country actually turns it’s attention away from everything else just to celebrate a holiday, I know that there are many places in the world that religion takes up much of the attention most of the time, but passover in Israel is different.
Even people who are not religious obey the passover rules (not eating bread or any of it’s products) to commemorate the exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt in biblical times (they did not have time to bake bread so they made the closest thing to it in the short time they had – matza) it is amazing that the country as a whole becomes slightly religious and celebrates the seder as if it is the most important thing in the world, there are several other holidays , even more important than Passover to Jewish people, but for some reason, passover takes precedence over all of them and is , in my opinion, the most celebrated jewish holiday.

To kids, Passover is the best time of year. It is celebrated at the beginning of spring so the weather is warm , and the “Lel haseder” night is one big celebration where everyone reads the “Hagada” (The passover book of prayer) and singing songs through the night.
It is actually allowed by law to make noise all night only at passover “Lel haseder” night.


Israel’s high morals

These past few days the world has been witnessing a perfect example of high morals and caring for human lives.

Seven Syrian citizens are currently treated in the Ziv medical center in Sefad in Israel by Israel doctors in an Israeli hospital. The seven were wounded during the civil war in Syria and some of them are severely wounded.
The Israeli army took those seven Syrian which were close to the security fence in the Golan heights and brought them to the Ziv medical center in Israel to get proper treatment as part of the IDF (the israeli defence force) code of conduct to preserve and save lives where ever possible.

for some reason, this story was left in some dark corner and not spread wide in the world, I guess it’s not convenient for some people to think of Israel as the moral voice in the region.

I think if some of the people in the global press and media would give this story (and similar stories) proper exposure people (mainly in the Arab world) would start to understand that Israel means no harm to those who wish for peace, and even cares for it’s enemies when human lives are at stake.

This is not the first time Israel treated wounded and casualties on the opposite side regardless to race, religion, gender etc. it is the IDF policy to try and save human lives when ever possible.

The interesting question would be – if the situation was the other way around, would the Syrians , Lebanese, Iranian etc. hostpitals treat Israeli wounded the same way?


Iron Dome video


dealing with quiet protesters in europe…

For those in the world that think israel’s IDF is not dealing with Palestinians protesters as it should – this is how they deal with protesters in europe for example:



Missiles in Israel

I don’t know hoe many of you really know the feeling of living under constant threat, not knowing what tomorrow brings.
The people of Israel – currently southern Israel are experiencing these feeling everyday.
For some days now the people living in Beer Sheva, Sderot, Ashdod, Ashquelon Dimona and many other cities in southern Israel are under constant missile threat for nearly a decade.

Before it was the northern side of Israel that was suffering from missile attacks from the Hezbollah.
Although Israel has the ability to respond harshly (like any country would do), we choose not to react with even 1% of our capabilities.

The funny thing is that the Palestinians are always talking about who got injured claiming they were “innocent” civilians (which is 99% of the time is a complete lie) they are firing missiles on Israeli cities to try and murder as many civilians as they can. They are not firing upon military bases or soldiers, they deliberately try and hit civilians, mainly Israeli children and families.

Not once they aimed at the Beer Sheva hospital to try and hit the wounded and cripple and in doing so they exposed their true nature – savages.

Judging by what happens at Syria right now, and the way the Syrian government is butchering it’s own citizens gives us a good idea about what some Arabs are capable of, the syrian president Bashar El Assad is not an Islamic extremist, yet, he ordered his army to shoot into neighborhoods , torture and burn people in hospitals and many more atrocities.

The main question remains, should we, as civilized people treat such savages according to the rules we live by or by the rules they live by?
Israel has the ability to cut the electricity, water, communication and other critical services to the Gaza strip but it doesn’t do that because of it’s humanitarian properties, although such actions are more then likely to change the way the Palestinians act today.

It’s a question of morality, our enemies use our moral and democracy against us, because we care how we behave, because we believe people should be treated as individuals our enemies use that against us.


The World needs Israel


The danger of tirany

What is happening today in North Korea is a warning light to the whole world.
North Korea is not just another country with a mad leader ruling his people using threats and fear,  North korea has nuclear capabilities which means that in the case of unstable government like the one we are witnessing now in north Korea – with its leader Kim Jong il dead, a lot of bad things can happen (and probably will happen).
I am not talking about the launching of a nuclear weapon from Korea to another country , but imagine what would happen if someone will try to make a quick profit  - like they did with the fall of the soviet union, and sell those weapons to the highest bidder.
Imagine what would happen if a Terrorist organization mad enough to use such a weapon – and there are many, 9/11 is a proof that such organizations exist and the have no fear – and even worse – no respect for human lives.
That is exactly the case with Iran today – the only difference is that Iran does not yet have a functional nuclear weapon.
We know that in the Iran-iraq war the two countries used unconventional weapons including chemical and some say even biological weapons, what would happen if they have nuclear weapons? Can the world afford having such people with such capabilities?
Ahmedinidjad is threatening the word today – when he really has no real military power, how would he act if he had nuclear weapons?

Macabi Tel Aviv – Besiktas

Today at 20:00 The israeli soccer team Macabi Tel Aviv will play against the turkish team of besiktas.

As surreal as it may sound, in the midst of Mr. Arduan’s little “war against Israel”, an Israeli team will play against a Turkish team and if all goes well, and the game will run as a football game should it would be a great win both for sports and for freedom.

It doesn’t really matter who wins and who looses, the games shows the Turkish prime minister that no one want’s this situation, we (people throughout the middle east region) are tired of war, threats, tension and fights! The only fight we care to participate in is the one that involves sports and where no one really gets hurt (except for sport injuries :) ).

I really do hope to see the game today and I hope it will be a great game, Macabi Tel Aviv’s trip to Turkey wen through smoothly except for some opportunistic radicals who demonstrated in front of Macabi’s hotel in Turkey although both teams – players and coaches repeatedly stated that they don’t care about politics and they will not answer any politic-nature questions, those few opportunistic miserable people still tried to create mayhem and maybe get some headlines – gladly – it did not happen.

Have a great game Macabi & besiktas!